Wally Nishimura

1.  What should be the County Council’s priorities in addressing the economic impacts of COVID-19? 

Getting the people of Kauai back to work and diversify the economy.  

2.  What is your vision for a thriving agricultural economic sector on Kauai? 

We grow our own food, export food and look to hemp. 

3. What role do you feel the visitor industry should play in Kauai’s economy?

The visitor industry will have to continue to be our main source of income until we can diversify.

4.  If elected to the Council, how would you engage with the business community prior to your decision-making?

Meetings with each business association.

5.  How would you help ensure that working middle class residents can afford to buy or rent a home in Kaua’i?

I would look to use revenue from tourism taxes to fund infrastructure in new developments.

6.  How would you effectively manage budget and operations compared to the past?

I’ve gone through the budget line by line, all 301 pages. We can cut out a lot of costs and change how we operate post covid.

7.  How can Kaua’i maintain its rural character while continuing to accommodate a growing population and visitor counts?  How do your ideas fit with the current General Plan?

Keep our developments below the coconut tree and expand outward. We need to manage the way visitors travel to our scenic areas/ beaches/ parks.  

8.  Will you support efforts to ensure that all vacation rentals, home stay units, bed and breakfast, and all transient vacation units are charged resort property tax rates? 


9.  What two ideas do you have about economic diversification and how would you develop these two areas?

Farming expansion to include affordable housing for employees. We would lure businesses over with tax breaks. I would also support the expansion of operations at PMRF where many local people are employed.

10.  What is your solution to best manage solid waste on Kauai?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to continue digging holes and Putting trash into the ground. We need to have curbside recycling and a clean incinerator to power plant.

11.  As a member of the County Council, what steps would you take to mitigate the impacts of climate change on Kauai?

We need to move our infrastructure inland. Alternate routes won’t be just for traffic anymore but for the future with predicted models showing sea level rise.

12.  Do you support the continued use of the G.E.T. surcharge and how would you prioritize roads and transportation spending?

Yes. All of our current roads need to be repaired. Once that is completed I would look to that source of revenue to fund alternate routes.

13.  What else would you like to share with the business community?

Most of my experience comes from the private sector. It is my goal to make business successful on Kauai especially for the locals.